So Clear. So Comfortable.

A 2021 must-have product for every Dental Hygienist

Selected by industry leaders, Melissa Turner, Pam Maragliano-Munez, Andrew Johnston, Amanda Hill, Nancy Miller, Sarah Crow, Brooke Crouch, Kristin Goodfellow, Michelle Strange

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Coated with
Nano Surface Technology.

In a semi-conductor clean room, nanometer high layers of low refractive index chemicals are cured onto a plastic sheet. The result is a revolutionary optical material with 10x less reflection, 97% optical transparency and scratch resistance up to 3H pencil hardness. It's the clearest medical face shield ever made – designed to meet the optical needs of precision dental work. 

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Perfectly Fits Any Size
Loupes and Light.

A specific slot feature allows the visor to slide back and forth. Adjusts it only as far forward as you need. Up to 3 inches of clearance at max extension.

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3 inch

Max. clearance

Fully Adjustable
Head Support.

Pressure adjustment dial allows complete control over fit and tightness. Top strap supports weight of shield and alleviates side head squeezing. No more headaches

What Top Dental Professionals are Saying.

Very light weight and the most comfortable of any shields I have worn. Very clear. It is an exceptional product.

Dr. John Kois
Director of the Kois Center

The shield is AMAZING! I am noticing less eye strain and better posture already!

Amber Auger
Thrive in the OP, RDH

Hands-down, this face shield is definitely the best one I have ever used! My hygienist and assistant absolutely love it! 

Dr. Pam Maragliano-Muniz
Editor of Dental Economics

I am stunned by the comfort, It is fully adjustable to different size heads.

Anne Guignon
Teacher, RDH, MPH, CSP

Approved and Used At Leading Dental institutes

Crease Resistant

0.3 mm thick visor

The 0.3 mm thick visor is twice as a light as an 0.5mm industrial shield and 3x more crease resistant than a 0.12 mm thick single use shield.

Chemical Resistant

Tested for resistance against 

CaviWipes, Glass Cleaner, Alcohol, Acetone, Kitchen Cleaner 5%, NaOH 1%, NH4OH 3%, HCI 3%.

1 Year +

Lasts Longer Than Any Other Shield.

Under intensive daily use, shield will maintain clarity for 1 year plus. Final life time depends on cleaning technique, frequency of use and care

So Clear
and Comfortable
you will forget
you're wearing it.

Designed by a Dentist
and a Dyson Engineer 

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1% of Ambience sales go to
support sustainable causes.

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If it's not the best shield you have used. Return it for 100% refund, free of cost.

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The Loupe Shield.