Q: How do I clean the shield? 

A: The shield is tested for resistance against all common cleaning chemicals. You can continue to use your current method to clean your shield.

The manufacturer recommend method is: soap and water, then dry the remaining droplets with a soft cloth or paper towel.

*If you’re using a non-pure disinfectant (like CaviWipes): Rinse your shield with water to remove any residue after disinfecting it. Dry using a soft cloth.


Q: How often do I replace the shield?

A: The lifetime of your visor depends on the frequency of use and care. Under intensive daily use, the estimated lifetime is 1 year or more.

"I use it every day that I work, all day long, and I am still using the original visor.....I expect it to last for months longer" - Dr. Bruce Ward, 10 months after purchasing his Ambience Loupe Shield.