Zero Glare. Clear Like
It's Not Even There.

Zero Glare. Clear Like
It's Not Even There


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Revolutionary Optical Technology.
See with Clarity Again.

Revolutionary Optical Technology. See with Clarity Again.

Learn about nano surface technology


Less reflection


Light transmission

Slides Forward to Spaciously
Fit all Sizes of Loupes and Light

Slides Forward
to Spaciously
Fit all Sizes of
Loupes and Light

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9 cm

Max. clearance

Designed by a Dentist and a Dyson Engineer

After 5 months, and 58 prototypes, the Loupe Shield is finally here. Designed by Canadian periodontist Dr. Scott Yamaoka and his son Zach.

Designed for Dentists, Dental Hygienist and Assistants

"What I love about this shield: 1.Extremely light yet very stable, 2.Has enough clearance for my loupes and light. Long enough to protect from aerosols and splatter, 3.Wraps around to allow for side protection and peripheral vision, 4.Amazingly clear"

Aiste Zevick

Certified Dental Hygienist

"I feel this is the best faceshield on the dental market. I am really impressed with it and it is the first one where I can comfortably wear my loupes inside the face shield."

Dr. Ed Lowe

Editor of the American Academy Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry

"Great product! Extremely clear, light and easy to clean. I forget I am wearing it sometimes!"


Certified Dental Assistant

“I believe that face shields will become part of the regular PPE in dental offices”

Dr. Scott Yamaoka

Splash Coverage Tested to International Standards.

Tested to CSA Z94.3 and ANSI Z87.1 face shield coverage standards. Authorised for sale by Health Canada and under FDA EUA.

90% of users keep same visor for at least 4 months.
Reduce waste, replace just the optical visor.

1% of all sales go to the preservation of the natural environment. Learn more

Comfortable Head Harness

Zero pressure points. Top strap keeps the harness secure during long operations.

Light Weight

Weighs less than the iPhone1. Say goodbye to neck strain.

Easy Flip Up 

With one hand, the visor flips out of the way and stays out of the way.

Zero Distortion Shape

Gentle curvature for optimal optical performance in field of view.

Experience PPE in a Completely New Way.

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