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Replacement Visor

Zero Glare. Maintains Clarity for over 365 days.

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Nano Surface Technology . Replaces original visor in the case of damage or excessive wear. 
  • Built to last. With proper care, the shield maintains like-new clarity for over 365 days.
  • Unreal optical clarity (≧97% optical transparency vs 80% for normal PET)
  • Virtually zero reflection and glare on the visor (Reflects ≦1% of light)  
  • Hardness coating for scratch resistance (resistant up to 2H pencil hardness)
  • Superior resistance to chemical cleaning. Say goodbye to degradation and cracks. (Tested for: Glass Cleaner, Alcohol, CaviCide, NaOH 1% aq.sol, NH4OH 3% ap.sol, HCI 3% aq.sol.)


• Shield is tested for chemical resistance to all common cleaners.

• To achieve "like new" clarity every time, we recommend soap and water.

• If using a CaviWipe or similar, we recommend cleaning with soap and water afterwards to remove residue.

• Visor maintains clarity for over 365 days with proper care.

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1 x Replacement Visor


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