The Perfect Dental School
Graduation Gift for 2021.

Protection with
Perfect Clarity and

As Featured In

A Revolutionary Dental Face Shield  

When your shield is so comfortable that you forget you are wearing it... 🤓🦷👨🏽‍⚕️Thanks Dr. Yamaoka and @ambience.ppe team for my shield! I love it! 😍

Hugo Lopez

Faculty of Dentistry McGill University

"What a game changer !!! Thank you SO much !! I can finally see so much better and I’m not feeling so smothered. Love it !!! Thank you so much for making my work day a better."

Roxy Diotte

Certified Dental Hygienist

"I've tried many different types of shields and this is the only one that has been comfortable and effective at providing protection while wearing my loupes. I am really happy with it."

Tobias Meiszinger


The perfect graduation gift for our future dentists and dental hygienists. This gift contains a Next-Generation Optical Face Shield that fits Loupes as well as a personalised message written by you. Authorised for sale by Health Canada and under FDA EUA.

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