The Perfect Face Shield to
Compliment Your Loupe Sales.

The Perfect Face Shield to Compliment Your Loupe Sales.

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Creating a Face Shield that works Perfectly with Loupes.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Scott Yamaoka was unable to find a face shield that fit his loupes. Frustrated, he created a new design from his Garage.

A Revolutionary Optical Plastic. See with Perfect Clarity.

A Revolutionary Optical Visor. See with Perfect Clarity


Less reflection


Light transmission

PET Plastic

87% Transmittance

10% Reflection

Nano Surface Optical Visor

97% Transmittance

1% Reflection

Slides Forward to Spaciously
Fit all Sizes of Loupes and Light

Slides Forward
to Spaciously
Fit all Sizes of
Loupes and Light

9 cm

Max. clearance

Benefits for Loupe Reps.

  • Having a face shield that works with your client's loupes is the new standard in a post-pandemic world.
  • Your clients will love you for telling them about this shield!

    "Best face shield I used" – Happy Customer of DFV rep Marty O'Rourke

  • Unlike other flimsy face shields, the Loupe Shield is a premium product retailing for 65.50 USD 💵 💵 💵  
  • Selling a face shield which is designed specifically to fit loupes is an easy add on sale.
  • The Loupe Shield will sell itself with a physical demo! Anti-reflective coating for zero glare, slides forward to fit’s loupes, super comfortable. 
  • Stop leaving money on the table! All loupe users who plan to continue using face shields (dentists, hygienists, surgeons) are looking for a high quality upgrade! 

Our Goal is to make it Simple and Fast for you to Sell the Loupe Shield 

  • Skip the hassle of credit card entering. Simply give your clients your personal discount code and they can self-check out on our website. We will ship product to customer the next day.
  • Competitive discount codes. Your customers will get the best deals by using your codes.

    - 10% off 1 shield (One use per office)
    - 5% off any number of shields

  • Personalized 5x7 inch Flyer
    - Has your name, title, contact information
    - Lists your personal discount codes
    - Drop it off at offices and they can use your codes when they decide to buy!

Front of Flyer

Back of Flyer

  • Get a business email
  • Personalized Landing Page on our website
    - Has your name, title, contact information
    - Lists your personal discount codes
    - Send URL to clients via email/messenger
  • Complete flexibility. Manually enter in orders if you prefer.
  • An amazing product, benefits are quickly understood by clients. Featured in Dental Product Report, Dentistry IQ, Dental Economics. 70+ 5 star reviews. Loved by 1000+ Dental Practitioners.   

Commission Structure

  • Tiers are designed to reward high performing sales people.
  • Commission applies to orders that use your discount codes, or that you manually enter.
  • Commission % applies to total order value (Loupe Shields and Replacement Visors)

    🥉 Default – 15%
    🥈 Silver – 17.5% - 20+ Shields sold in month
    🥇 Gold – 20% - 40+ Shields sold in month 

    Examples at 17.5% Commission:
    1 Shield at 10% off: 10.31 USD
    1 Shield at 10% off, 1 Replacement Visor: 17.05 USD
    5 Shields at 5% off: 54.44 USD
    10 Shields at 5% off: 108.89 USD
  • Commission will be paid out on a monthly basis. Transfer for the completed month will happen on the first weekday of the following month. Currency will be of the country you are based in. 

Sales Plan

  • We will provide a sample Loupe Shield that you can bring to offices to show your clients.
  • The focus should be on selling Loupe shield units to entire offices and replacement visors upfront. Around 20% of customers will buy a replacement visor with their initial order for peace of mind.
  • Visors are replaced by customers after 4 months to 6 months. Customers should buy subsequent replacement visors directly from Ambience.
  • If you want to capture follow on replacement visor sales, or customers prefer to purchase through you, you can manually enter their order.

A Year with Ambience.

  • Sell at your pace. Low Effort: Simply drop off your business card with discounts. More Effort/More Sales: bring a sample to show the client and follow up with happy customers to equip the entire office.
  • A silver rep who sells 22 shields at 10% discount and 4 replacement visors a month:

    +3040 USD a year in income
    Increased Trust with 264 clients - Priceless 
  • A gold rep who sells 42 shields at 10% discount and 8 replacement visors a month

    +6680 USD a year in income
    Increased Trust with 504 clients - Priceless 

  • Sky is the limit


Loupe Rep. Referral Scheme

  • Know any independent Loupes reps that may be interested? 

  • Link them to this page. If they join, let us know – you’ll get a 200 USD bonus if they sell 40 shields in their first two months.

Excited to Start?